Stunning Images Capture the Last Moments of a Once Proud Lion

Stunning Images Capture the Last Moments of a Once Proud LionEven lions are not immune from the effects of old age


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Sign up By , Christian Post Contributor | May 24, 2018 3:26 AM Unsplash/Hans VethA lion rests while lying in the grass

When most people think of lions, the title “king of the jungle” likely comes to mind pretty quickly.

Lions are majestic creatures that spend their days hunting, mating and leading their pride. They roam the land in search of prey and are brave enough to fight animals that would dare cross their paths.

Of course, lions don‘t just come out of the wombs looking like the dangerous predators they are often seen as in nature documentaries and films.

They start off as small, relatively harmless cubs that still need protection. It is only after they learn how to hunt that they can start to fend for themselves.

Just as lions don‘t start out as nature‘s most majestic predators, the ones that manage to grow old don‘t end their lives at the top of the food chain as well.

, photojournalist Larry Pannell told the story of one elderly lion named Skybed Scar.

Skybed Scar lived in South Africa‘s Kruger National Park for many years, according to Pannell.

When Pannell found Skybed Scar, though, it was clear that his days of proudly roaming Kruger National Park were well behind him.

The first picture posted by Pannell of Skybed Scar shows the lion lying on the ground next to some water. At first glance, the one thing that stood about the lion was the odd positioning of one his legs. Otherwise, he seemed like just another animal needing some hydration after being under the sun for too long.

Unfortunately, that first image was hiding the grim reality of Skybed Scar‘s true condition. After getting up, Skybed Scar revealed a frail frame, with bones easily visible against his weathered skin.

Rising from the ground was a challenge for this lion, walking even more so.

It was painfully clear that old age had gotten to Skybed Scar.

Nature can be cruel sometimes. Just as lions show no mercy for their prey because they need to consume other animals in order to survive, pity is not given to Skybed Scar as well now that he can no longer fill a role within the pride as a hunter.

Even other animals have no pity to spare for the elder predator, as Pannell was able to capture a photograph showing Skybed Scar being chased off by an elephant.

For Skybed Scar, death did not come by way of a trampling elephant, but it still proved inevitable.

Another photograph of the lion shows him lying in the grass with his eyes still open as if trying to capture one last mental picture of this park he knew as home for so long.

In the final photograph, Skybed Scar‘s eyes are nearly closed completely, his mouth has swung open, but life had already escaped his body.

, thousands of people commented on the ultimate fate that befell Skybed Scar, with many remarking that he probably led a good life before age finally caught up to him.

Skybed Scar is gone but thousands of people all over the world will have lasting memories of him.


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