Report: Three workers feared trapped in tunnel collapse in Israel‘s north

One person was killed when a tunnel collapsed trapping 11 people at a work site near Beit She‘an, near the Jordan River Valley,  on Friday. Eight have already been rescued and the site‘s emergency rescue team is working together with firefighters to rescue the rest of the trapped people. Israel police officers are also assisting in the rescue operation.

The 10 remaining trapped people were all rescued by emergency forces, with four reported in light to moderate condition, police said. Police closed the construction site.

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The collapse, according to initial reports, occurred when a crane fell during pumping and drainage work. The incident occurred at a power plant near Kibbutz Reshafim, which sits just south of Beit She‘an.One person was killed and 11 were trapped when a tunnel near Beit She‘an, near the Jordan River Valley, collapsed on Friday.

Two of the workmen, ages 18 and 19, were evacuated by helicopter to Emek Medical Center, where they were treated for shock. They are in stable condition.

Two others, who were lightly wounded, were also being treated at the medical center.

The police have also opened an investigation into the circumstances of the accident in cooperation with the Labor and Welfare Ministry.

MK Shelly Yachimovich (Zionist Union), Chairwoman of the State Control Committee called for the site‘s closure and for a criminal investigation into the contractor.

"The contractor‘s license must be revoked until the end of the investigation and a huge banner must be placed at the site explaining its closure," she said.

According to Yachimovich, Friday‘s incident marks the 23rd death this year in the construction industry and a not a single contractor‘s license has been revoked. "It‘s shocking that human life is so cheap that ‘it‘s not worth‘ investing in means to protect lives," she said.

During a meeting held by the committee this week, Yachimovich accused the Ministry of Labor and the Contractors Registrar of dragging their feet while lives continue to be lost.