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Palestinians to chair group of developing states at UN in 2018

While there may not be a State of Palestine, but at the UN “Palestine” will chair a block of some 134 developing countries next year.   The New York Times on Tuesday quoted the Palestinian ambassador to the UN, as saying that in January “Palestine” will take over the chairmanship form Egypt of what is known as the Group of […]

Israeli government invites S. African BDS-coerced model to Israel

The Strategic Affairs Ministry and Interior Ministry confirmed on Wednesday that South African model and celebrity Shashi Naidoo was denied entry to Israel because she was coming under the pretenses of a BDS delegation. However, Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan invited Naidoo to visit the country in her own personal capacity “to be impressed by the reality on the ground, […]

LGBT community presents list of demands to government

Following mass protests over a law passed last week that denies state-supported surrogacy to homosexual couples and single men, LGBT organizations presented a list of demands for the government at a press conference in Tel Aviv on Wednesday. The organizations released a list of six demands: preventing crimes and violence against the community, recognition of LGBT families, adoption of welfare […]

Suspected police violations in detention of Conservative rabbi

The detention and questioning last Thursday at 5:30 a.m. of Rabbi Dov Hayun, head of a Masorti (Conservative) Jewish community in Haifa, on the suspicion that he performed weddings outside of the Chief Rabbinate caused outrage in Israel and the Jewish world. But equally shocking was the behavior of the Haifa Police in handling this case, in which they ostensibly […]

Grapevine: Remembering the fallen

ON SUNDAY Ha’aretz had a memorial notice from the family of Zvi Shimshi, the Lamdan family and Ruthie Kedar, whose father, Julius Jacobs, was among the 91 innocent Jews, Muslims and Christians who were killed 72 years ago on July 22, 1946, in the bombing of the King David Hotel. For these and other families, time does not erase the […]

Editorial: Jewish & democratic

The Nation-State Law surely created varied reactions since last week. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan led the pack, calling Israel “the most Zionist, fascist and racist country in the world.” “The Jewish Nation-State Law… legitimizes all unlawful actions and oppression. There is no difference between Hitler’s Aryan race obsession and Israel’s mentality. Hitler’s spirit has re-emerged among administrators in Israel,” said […]

US underscores opposition to Crimea annexation

WASHINGTON – The United States will remain opposed to Russia’s annexation of Crimea under the Trump administration, until Ukrainian sovereignty is restored over the peninsula, the State Department said on Wednesday. issued the statement after European powers and members of Congress grew concerned with the administration’s vague answers on the issue. Moscow seized the peninsula by force in 2014, and […]