Grapevine: Coincidence or something else?

■ THERE ARE people who believe there is no such thing as coincidence. But what other explanation could they have for Israel’s under-20 national basketball team winning the European championship immediately after Tisha Be’av on Sunday evening in Chemnitz, Germany, beating the Croatian team 80-66 for the gold medal the night before President Reuven Rivlin left on a state visit […]

Aggressive-passive reporting on Israel

What do these recent headlines about the conflict in Gaza have in common?   “Israel launches waves of strikes across Gaza after soldier killed.”  “Israel carries out Gaza strikes as soldier dies from gunshot.”  “Israel carries out deadly air strikes in Gaza after one of its soldiers is killed.” “Israeli warplanes pound Gaza in response to burned fields.” “Israeli kindergarten […]

Jan Smuts given honor where honor was due

While I have no objection to Daniel P. Moynihan being honored by Israel in any way which Gil Troy would see fit, I take great exception to the fact that Moynihan’s name is even mentioned in the same context as that of Jan Smuts. Smuts was an international statesman of great repute who bestrode the world political stage like a […]

Editorial: Prosecute AMIA

Last week was the 24th anniversary of the bombing of the building housing the AMIA, the Jewish Mutual Association of Argentina located in Buenos Aires, which serves as the headquarters of the Federation of Jewish Argentine Communities.  At 9:53 a.m. the day after Tisha Be’av in 1994, 21-year-old Ibrahim Hussein Berro, a Hezbollah operative, drove his Renault Trafic van loaded […]

Israel’s ultimate battle: Right to exist

Asked why his forces killed thousands of innocent Arab civilians, the military spokesman replied, “When you have an enemy that uses noncombatants as collateral damage, it is difficult to completely avoid any casualties.” Sound familiar? This could easily be the IDF Spokesman justifying our actions against Hamas in Gaza. But, in fact, the statement was recently issued by a US […]

Israel must tell the world about Gaza security challenges

The experience of the last two cease-fires in Gaza has brought to the surface a new parameter that it is worthwhile for Israel to pay attention to, namely the direct UN intervention for the securing of these cease-fire deals. So far, such deals were closed with the intervention of Egypt. This time, apart from the Egyptians, the UN special envoy […]

The Nation-State Law’s gift to the ninth of Av

Many people have been commenting with bitter irony that feeling sadness and mourning this ninth of Av, the day marking the destruction of both Temples and other disasters in Jewish history, is easier this year, thanks to the Nation-State Law that passed the Knesset last week. For those for whom summoning a sense of tragedy and disaster is difficult in […]