Netanyahu reads about Iran during down time in plenum

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been confined to his chair in the Knesset plenum for much of the week, as marathon voting takes place ahead of the parliament‘s extended summer and holiday recess.

The recess will begin as soon as the Knesset‘s agenda for Wednesday evening is complete, which due to opposition filibustering, could stretch until as late as Friday afternoon.

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So what does the prime minister do for fun in the plenum? Read about his favorite subject: Iran.

A camera of the Ladaat website found that he was reading an article in The Daily Beast website headlined "Iranian assassins are back with a vengeance, or so it seems."

The article quotes security officials and counter-terrorism experts saying that elements of are making increasingly bold and potentially dangerous moves across Europe and Africa, using diplomatic missions abroad as tools to project power in ways not seen since the 1990s.

Based on the picture, Netanyahu appeared to share the article in the plenum with Intelligence Services Minister Israel Katz, who is a member of the security cabinet.

In the past, Netanyahu has used his time in the plenum to read biographies of his hero, the late British Prime Minister  Winston Churchill.

In March, Jerusalem Post photographer Marc Israel Sellem photographed a speech Netanyahu held in his hands that he was about to deliver about keeping his coalition together.