NBA Trade Rumors: Which Teams Could Present the San Antonio Spurs With ‘Grand-Slam‘ Offers for Kawhi Leonard?

NBA Trade Rumors: Which Teams Could Present the San Antonio Spurs With ‘Grand-Slam‘ Offers for Kawhi Leonard?Leonard‘s unresolved situation is expected to be one of the main stories of this coming offseason


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Sign up By , Christian Post Contributor | May 19, 2018 3:31 PM Wikimedia Commons/Jose GarciaKawhi Leonard with the San Antonio Spurs during a February 2017 game against the Orlando Magic

Even though the 2017–18 NBA season isn‘t over yet, offseason storylines are already starting to emerge and one particular matter that should be worth monitoring all throughout this summer is the one involving Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs.

For those NBA fans who are not up to date with all things Spurs and Leonard, a brief summary goes like this: Leonard missed the start of this season due to injury, he returned to the court in December and played a few games while not looking entirely healthy. He would then play his last game of the season on Jan. 13, and since then, he‘s been out of action and he also wasn‘t with the Spurs during their abbreviated playoff run.

The Spurs likely go through their own internal drama just as other franchises do, but what‘s different about this situation with Leonard is that it has been so public yet it has been so mysterious at the same time.

Also, for those that expected that this issue would at least go dormant for a while with the Spurs now eliminated from the playoffs, that does not appear the case as well.

There‘s even a new element that has just been added to the story.

In a recent article,  that the Spurs are seeking nothing less than a “grand-slam offer” in any deal for Leonard.

The Spurs should obviously expect to receive a lot in exchange in any Leonard trade, but the question is, will any team be able to come up with that “grand-slam offer”?

In that same article, O‘Connor suggests that the Philadelphia 76ers could put forth a trade package for Leonard which includes 2017 number one overall pick Markelle Fultz, Dario Saric, Robert Covington, Jerryd Bayless, the 10th overall pick in this year‘s draft and some players who have been stashed overseas by the franchise.

For those wondering if the 76ers may be willing to make such an offer, it‘s worth noting that , sources spoken to by Philly‘s Keith Pompey have indicated that the franchise is interested in acquiring Leonard. If the interest is there, then it‘s not hard to imagine the 76ers making a substantial or perhaps even a “grand-slam offer.”

The Boston Celtics could jump into the Leonard sweepstakes as well, as they have enough young players and draft picks coming over the next few seasons to put together one very enticing trade offer.

If the Phoenix Suns get a sudden urge to speed up their rebuild, they too have extra first-round picks and young players currently on their roster who can be traded to San Antonio in exchange for Leonard.

Fans should not forget about the Los Angeles Clippers and Lakers as those teams have assorted assets that they can include in a trade offer for the Spurs forward.

Players like Leonard don‘t appear on the trading block very often.

Even if the Spurs‘ demands for Leonard are on the high side, there will likely be teams willing and able to meet their price.

More news about the latest NBA trade rumors should be made available soon.


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