Here‘s how long you should avoid people for if you have a cold or flu

Gary M. Prior/Getty Images Most adults get around , and children get even more. In terms of the flu, there are around worldwide each year and 290,000 to 650,000 deaths. The symptoms of a cold and the flu are similar, so it’s hard to tell the difference. But the flu is usually more severe and develops more quickly than a […]

The Australian Human Rights Commission is trying to work out the good and evil of technology

Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images Technology has a light and a dark side, and can be a force for good or evil. For example, automatic weapons making kill decisions without human intervention versus drones flying into disaster zones to deliver life-saving medical supplies. The Australian Human Rights Commission today launched a major project on , publishing an issues paper. “Facial recognition technology, […]

Chinese policymakers are moving to shore up economic growth

STR/AFP/Getty ImagesNothing like some reinforced bar to keep things stable. Chinese policymakers are taking steps to support economic growth, announcing additional corporate tax cuts and the need to speed up infrastructure spending. China’s economy has slowed in recent months on the back of heightened trade tensions with the United States and a deleveraging push from being rolled out across China’s […]

RMIT University students will soon be able to get blockchain-enabled digital credentials

Jens Schlueter/Getty Images Students at RMIT University in Melbourne will soon be able to get blockchain-enabled digital credentials. RMIT will offer blockchain-enabled credentials, via a partnership with startup , which verifies skills and abilities, to students who complete the course, Developing Blockchain Strategy. The initiative will give students the option to publish data about earned skills and capabilities to blockchain, […]

Customer fraud is now the number one economic crime in Australia

Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images Customer fraud is a bigger problem in Australia than the rest of the world. In a survey, 45% of Australian organisations reported experiencing it in the last two years compared to the global average of 29%. The study by PwC found that 60% of economic crime in Australia is committed by a ‘frenemy’ –an organisation’s employees, customers […]

Chinese tourists are spending up big in Australia

Don Arnold/Getty ImagesA family from Shanghai, China, visit Bondi Beach on Christmas Day. More international tourists than ever before visited Australia in the year to March. Total overseas tourist spend grew by 6% with over half of that coming entirely from Chinese visitors. Growth in visitor numbers and spend was strongest in Australia’s eastern states, especially in Tasmania. More international […]

Chinese authorities turned two sports stadiums into complaints centres to deal with growing problems with P2P lending

Feng Li/Getty ImagesDragon Stadium in Hangzhou, China. Defaults in China’s peer-to-peer (P2P) lending market rose sharply in June, leaving many investors out of pocket. The FT reports the wealthy Chinese city of Hangzhou converted two sports stadiums into service centres to process complaints. Guidelines for regulatory oversight of the P2P lending industry were introduced in 2016, but some have yet […]