LGBT activists block Tel Aviv road to protest government‘s surrogacy law

LGBT activists blocked traffic on King George Street, one of Tel Aviv‘s main thoroughfares, and demonstrated in front of the city‘s Likud party headquarters in protest against a string of proposed laws that the activists claim discriminate against gays, lesbians, and transgender individuals, Israeli media reported Monday.

Foremost among the proposed legislation is the surrogacy bill, which denies gay couples state-supported surrogacy. The Knesset is expected to hold a final vote on the bill Monday.

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"The government‘s surrogacy law is the first law in decades that aims directly to harm the gay community," activists said in a statement. "We will not allow such racist laws to pass — the direct attack on the gay community is shameful for the State of Israel, for the government of Israel and for its leaders. The LGBT community is under heavy attack from followers of Smotritch and Litzman, and the time has come for those parties who claim to be accepting of the community — especially Likud and Kulanu — to put an end to this."

The protests follow a .

The protests were held without prior approval from the police. At the request of the police, the protesters left the road, but vowed to continue their demonstrations in the future.