Lapid: ‘The people of the south deserve better‘

Yesh Atid leader lashed out against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday claiming that "when Netanyahu says ‘all is good‘, ask to whom does he mean?"

Published on social media on Saturday next to an image of a burning field and the slogan: "All is burning Habibi", which is a play on the nickname given to Netanyahu and a musical band from the 1980‘s called Hakol Over Habibi, Lapid went on to explain what, in his view, the prime minister is doing wrong.

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"Under your watch, the children in the Gaza border communities know they have no one to relay on," said Lapid before suggesting that if such unending violence would be taking place in the West Bank the Jewish settlers would "make his life bitter."

Lapid claimed he told Netanyahu "four years ago what needs to be done", Lapid reasons that it would have been wise to involve the Saudis so they would replace the Iranians, to reach agreements with Egypt, to build an artificial island near the coast of Gaza and an industry sector north of the Gaza Strip.

""If we would have started four years ago we‘d be in a different place today," he lamented.