Jerusalem zoo welcomes ‘Toy‘ giraffe

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo has welcomed a new member of its family: a baby giraffe named “Toy.”

The zoo announced this week that the giraffe was born last week, on the very same day that brought Israel a win at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal. And the zoo knew right away they would name their new arrival after Barzilai’s winning song, “Toy.”

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“Normally, between the treatments and concerns for animals born at the zoo, choosing a name is put off to the end and could take days or weeks,” the zoo said on Monday. “But this wasn’t the case this time.

The two celebrations that came on the exact same day left no doubt for the zoo handlers that on the Sunday morning – right after the birth and the win – it was decided that it will be named after the winning song, ‘Toy.’” Toy was born healthy to mom, Lila, weighing 100 kg. and measuring 1.6 meters tall.