Israeli government invites S. African BDS-coerced model to Israel

The Strategic Affairs Ministry and Interior Ministry confirmed on Wednesday that South African model and celebrity Shashi Naidoo was denied entry to Israel because she was coming under the pretenses of a BDS delegation.

However, Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan invited Naidoo to visit the country in her own personal capacity “to be impressed by the reality on the ground, which would be true and precise.”

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The Ministry stressed that Naidoo does not promote boycotts, saying it believes the contrary, because of her initial pro-Israeli statements, which received harsh and violent public criticism, “and she is now apparently trying to ‘rehabilitate’ herself in light of the damage caused to her image by BDS organizations in South Africa.

Naidoo, it said “is being held captive by these organizations and the tour and its definition of ‘re-education’ in Israel and the Palestinian Authority constitutes ‘compensation’ for , in lieu of her high public profile.”

The model made headlines last month after she defended Israel’s actions in Gaza and explained the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a factual manner. However, during her explanation, she called Gaza a “sh*thole,” due to the way Hamas is running the Strip. She said the international aid and money given was being used for rockets instead of housing, schools and better infrastructure.