‘Dragon Age 2‘ and ‘Saints Row 2‘ Now Backwards Compatible for Xbox One

‘Dragon Age 2‘ and ‘Saints Row 2‘ Now Backwards Compatible for Xbox One


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Sign up By , Christian Post Contributor | May 7, 2018 11:07 AM

Bioware‘s controversial follow-up to one of its biggest franchises, “Dragon Age 2,” is now playable on the Xbox One. The RPG, along with “Saints Row 2,” is now part of Microsoft‘s growing Xbox One backwards compatible library starting Thursday, May 4.

Both games were originally released for the Xbox 360, meaning that for players who have kept the original discs of the games, these would now work just fine with the Xbox One as long as the console is connected online for the update.

Bioware”Dragon Age II” by Bioware is the sequel to the 2009 Game of the Year “Dragon Age” where players rise from a refugee to a revered champion of the land across an entire decade.

Players who have digital copies of the game should be able to see them under the “Ready to Install” list as well, as . Players who have the Xbox 360 disc can also use those to download a digital copy of “Dragon Age 2” and “Saints Row 2,” which could be a good way to cut down on loading times.

Xbox One players who want to check out these two games for the first time can buy digital copies from the Xbox store, with “Dragon Age 2” now available for $20 at its regular price while “Saints Row 2” costs half of that, at just $10.

“Dragon Age 2” raised quite the controversy in its time back in 2011, when gamers who were looking forward to the sequel of the critically acclaimed RPG “Dragon Age” first saw this title.

Far from the deliberate pace of the original, with the main story spanning dozens of hours to match, “Dragon Age 2” is in many ways the opposite of the first game. Its RPG elements have been streamlined to the point of minimalism, and there‘s a lot less focus on world building and more on the decades-long adventure of the main characters.

Microsoft/Koch Media”Saints Row 2″ by DS Volition features character creation and customization, an open world gameplay that players can explore by land, air or sea as well as online co-op play throughout the entire story of the game.

 at the time that even the small side quest becomes important without a big enemy to defeat. He further stated that this feeds back to the entire saga that draws players as time passes by.

While “Dragon Age 2” struck out in its own path compared to the original, “Saints Row 2” was more of an extension of the open-world gameplay that “Grand Theft Auto” already set in motion.

Unlike “GTA,” though, “Saints Row 2” has zeroed in on the freedom an open world game provides, letting players run everything from the way their character looks to how their in-game homes are arranged. There‘s a main story under all of that, as well, with “Saints Row 2” providing one of the early examples of drop-in co-op mode at the time.

“Saints Row 2” and “Dragon Age 2” are now part of the  as updated last Thursday, May 3. More details are now available on Major Nelson‘s blog.


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