The Upside of Downsizing

I’m not a hoarder, at least not in the classic sense.  You don’t have to negotiate a path from my front door to the kitchen among mountains of old irons and typewriters and pool toys and waffle pans.  But I do seem to be challenged when it comes to shoes, clothes and hats.  I can’t make myself throw out clothes […]

Israel did not deny Russia interfered with American politics.

Israel has never denied allegations that the Russian Federation meddled in American elections. Why should Israel  did not assert the American Diaspora Jewry elected Donald J. Trump. In fact, the Jewish vote was . The difference was the Jewish lobby like the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, Jewish Institute for National Security of America, and Saudi trade associations were determined to […]

Iran – the beginning of the end?

Rumbles of discontent, erupting into public protests, are nothing new in Iran.  They predate the Islamic Revolution of 1979 which swept the Shah from the throne and Ayatollah Khomeini into power.  Today, among the slogans being chanted in the mass demonstrations bursting out all over Iran and threatening the very stability of the regime, are  In short, the regime of […]

Getting Closer To Quantum Computing

In studying the work around the world on quantum systems, our current precepts of a programming model is becoming a vital issue in the ability to use the methods and ability to program these complex systems.  We need to control the hardware is a topic that I will write on in the next five blogs about, quantum computing. The key to quantum […]

New York, Nu York: A Brief Road Trip to New England

I have heard that England is in the World Cup and competing for 3rd place. Well, good luck, Brits, but I am not a soccer-football fan. Most of the world may adore this sport but I find it a snore. Hehe. But I did venture forth to New England for two days this week, and for three reasons. One was […]

Avoiding “Friendly Fire”

Today, when we speak up for Israel in the battle for hearts and minds, chances are that much of our activism is set to take place online. The prevalence of online interactions presents amazing opportunities, but also untold pitfalls. Let’s discuss one pitfall that occurs much too often and yet is relatively easy to address. I refer to this phenomenon […]

Celebrating Sixty Years of Womanhood, Sisterhood and Bras

The shop window of Salon Mary, designed by Irit alludes to Mary‘s working space. Business promotes sisterhood and womanhood over the years, it is a good reason to celebrate and join in the party. I am a fan of women‘s empowerment, women‘s businesses and a believer in the goodness of women‘s sisterhood. Be the first to know – On June […]