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With a tweet, Trump sparks talk of war with Iran

WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump engaged in a war of words with Iran’s leaders on Monday, warning them of “consequences” for their rhetoric and their posture in the region amid a push by his administration to undermine the government there. Trump responded on Twitter to remarks made earlier on the weekend by Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, who said that […]

Inside Israel‘s secret and unprecedented rescue of Syria‘s White Helmets

An operation of this type had never been done before. with the support of Canada, the UK, Germany and the US was an unprecedented level of international cooperation. In addition Syria is an enemy state and the war was closing in on the men and their families in need of evacuation. This was a key part of the emerging crisis […]

France fails to acknowledge Israel‘s part in White Helmets‘ rescue

After an unprecedented rescue of a large number of White Helmets and their families from Syria through Israel into Jordan, the French foreign ministry (quai d‘orsay), in an official statement, refused to acknowledge Israel‘s part in the unique operation. Member of the French Parliament Meyer Habib wrote in response: "Many Western countries have expressed their gratitude to Israel following the […]

Turkey: Is President Erdogan the new state Of emergency?

An impending bill in Turkey is raising fears that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will further increase his grip on the country; this, as a new political system is ushered in that already vastly expands his powers. The draft legislation allows the president to place restrictions on public demonstrations; detain suspects of some crimes for up to 12 days; limit who […]

Lebanon: Mother-Daughter uterine transplant gives hope to infertile women

Lebanese doctors, working in cooperation with a Swedish team, have completed a uterus transplant for the first time in Lebanon. The rare and difficult procedure for infertile women was conducted last month at Bellevue Medical Center (BMC) in Mansourieh, located just east of Beirut. The recipient, a Jordanian woman who suffered from uterine factor infertility, received a new uterus donated […]

The Jewish heart of the Jerusalem Film Festival

The 2018 Jerusalem Film Festival, which opens on July 26 and runs through August 5 at the Jerusalem Cinematheque and other venues around the city, has always featured movies that illuminate Jewish life and history. The festival will open with a screening on Thursday night at the Sultan’s Pool Amphitheater of a new Israeli film about the founding of the […]

A ‘White Beast’ in Karmiel

As many choreographers will admit, an artist often gets carried away during the creation process. Things that were meant to be simple become complex, hours in the studio run long and decisions become hard to make. Perhaps it is because of these confusions, these momentary blips in the plan, that the finished product in any dance work is almost always […]